In partnership with the InterContinental Hotels Group, Pearlfisher has created the brand identity and printed collateral for Kimpton Fitzroy London, now open in Bloomsbury.

A highly anticipated launch, Kimpton Fitzroy is the first UK hotel to open for the award-winning Kimpton brand. Implementing a consistent sense of identity throughout Kimpton Fitzroy’s printed collateral, Pearlfisher has created a brand identity that reflects the premium ethos offered by the Group across the US, the Caribbean and Europe whilst also dialling up a quintessentially British story and individual hotel experience. The new identity has a refined and deliberate duality to it, inviting guests to be curious and to reflect the hotel’s values – such as craft and vision, history and modernity, luxury and timelessness.

Articulating a whole brand world, Pearlfisher has revealed different layers of the hotel and its interconnecting stories, as guests journey through their Fitzroy hotel experience. For example, using a sophisticated colour palette of dark green and gold, representations of different signs of the zodiac on the ‘do not disturb’ door hangers reflect the mosaic embedded in the floor of the lobby, whilst the subtle illustration of a dragon wing on the hotel postcard symbolises the significance of the brass sculpture of ‘George’ the dragon housed at the top of the grand staircase.

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