Jameson has collaborated with Franciscan Wells Brewery to create an innovative concept that brings a new level of craft, collaboration and engagement into the Jameson portfolio. Tasked with bringing the concept to life, we embraced the creativity, philosophy and progressive nature of craft beer to develop a creative and design strategy for Caskmates, a premium whiskey aged in stout-seasoned casks.

Using Jamesons’ storytelling heritage, the brand name is powerful and evocative, championing both the journey of the beer barrel and the flavour it imparts, as well as the reciprocal relationship between brewer and distiller. It communicates the coming together of like-minded souls and highlights the shared passion, love of craft and taste which is what creates this exciting new liquid.

Pearlfisher’s design challenge was to treat craft in a contemporary way so it did not feel fussy or old fashioned. The new Caskmates identity, design and tone of voice echo the new principles of craft we see in beer and bring more experimentation, character, flavour and depth into Jameson, inviting consumers to think more deeply about what they’re drinking by creating a sense of discovery, diversity and intrigue. In this instance, the black and cream colour palette brings out the richness of the stout cues and the interlocking line between the two echoes the relationship between brewer and distiller.