Welcoming more travellers into the culture and environment of the Seychelles and the warm spirit of its brand, we’ve partnered with the team at Takamaka Rum for the design of its first travel retail and hospitality experience at Seychelles International Airport.

Kristoffer Fink Parup, Head of Strategy at Pearlfisher, “Travel retail is an increasingly experimental and competitive sector and one that is very much centred on the experience. Our challenge, was to translate our branding work and design idea for Takamaka Rum into a full three-dimensional experience; bringing every element to life in a vibrant, immersive and welcoming aesthetic that anchors the brand in its values, provenance and speaks to the unique beauty and culture of the Seychelles as a destination.”

Talking about the design approach, Jessica Phillips, Creative Director at Pearlfisher, shares, “Every aspect of the brand identity and packaging design we had previously worked on for Takamaka was built on the creative idea ‘The Undiscovered’, reminiscent of the flavours and lifestyle of the island yet to be discovered. This exact sentiment is the feeling we extended into the creative concept for the brand’s retail store – inviting travellers to explore and enjoy the brand’s award-winning rums and potentially, undiscovered taste of what’s to come from this idyllic holiday destination and home of The Seychelles.”

Richard d’Offay, Takamaka co-founder: “We’re thrilled to have partnered with the team at Pearlfisher once again to build their brand design into this exciting new retail environment for the Takamaka brand. For the last twenty years, our goal has been to create rums that offer a taste of the Seychelles to people around the world, and our achievements in the global travel retail space have shown us just how well received this is. At home in the Seychelles, 2022 has seen a resurgence of travellers, and therefore this was the perfect time to invest in our very first owned travel retail outlet.”

Discover our brand and packaging design work for Takamaka, here.