Pearlfisher is thrilled to be partnering with London Design Festival to curate a day of thought-provoking design discussion at this year’s Global Design Forum.

On 21st September, at the Victoria and Albert Museum, we will be bringing together a raft of exceptional speakers for a series of talks on Design Intelligence.

You can expect insight, opinion and debate between design experts from Google Deepmind, Snøhetta and Heatherwick Studio, as well as creative thought leaders Yves Béhar and Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsburg, and more – alongside Jonathan Ford and Sophie Maxwell Brown from our own Pearlfisher London team.

Opening with a keynote from our Founding Partner and Group Creative Director Jonathan Ford, discussions will explore how we define Design Intelligence, how we can harness it to create design with purpose and impact, and what role it can play in helping us solve real-world problems. From designing to harness the possibilities of AI to adapting to the ever-escalating extreme forces of nature – this will be a deep dive into using Design Intelligence as a philosophy for creating positive change.

Location: Victoria & Albert Museum
Date: 21st, September

You can check out the full schedule and book tickets for free for our Design Intelligence #LDF talks at the Global Design Forum website:

13:10 – 13:40 Design Intelligence: Bold Thinking in an Age of Transformation

13:40 – 14:20 Design Intelligence: Creating Solutions for Future Positive Living

14:35 -15:20 Design Intelligence: Harnessing the Possibilities of AI

15:35 – 16:25 Design Intelligence: Adapting to Extreme Change