As one of the leading FMCG companies in South-Eastern Europe, Atlantic Grupa’s new first in the market, quality milk chocolate brand is challenging every aspect of the chocolate category through physical innovation, inventive flavour profiles and an overall mission to create a brand that offers so much more for its audiences and community.

The brand creation project for Jimmy Fantastic took us from using our 3d innovation expertise with the development of the chunky chocolate moulds through to the brand naming and creation of the brand’s own character, Jimmy. Bringing to life the idea of a fantastic and wide-open universe of possibilities that Jimmy’s pioneering spirit can unfold through a strong, ownable and iconic design reliant on visual storytelling.

The bold type of the personal and playful Jimmy Fantastic name evokes the chocolate chunks and the pleasure associated with taking a ‘Happy Big Bite’, while the packaging design tells the story of the product and the intriguing, joyful and wonderful world of delicious chocolate that Jimmy is lifting a curtain to reveal.

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