Running Tide is an organization made up of scientists, fishermen, engineers and more, who are on a mission to restore habitats and decarbonize the planet through the regenerative powers of oysters and kelp. The ocean is a powerful force, but so too are the life forms within it.

Based in Portland, Maine, Running Tide works to restore the bounty of nature’s beauty with their delicious produce and farming technology.

Working with mission-based brands who share our passion for environmentalism always leads to fulfilling and purposeful design. We partnered with Running Tide to help create change for the better by defining their capabilities, technology and the challenges of conservation with a unique visual identity and brand voice. 

The identity we created joins the brand name together in the logo and monogram to reflect the movement and never-ending aspects of the ocean. 

A set of bespoke patterns maximize the brand’s beauty through messaging on Running Tide’s website, brand collateral and social media. The patterns are complemented by hand-drawn illustrations of sea life and scenery that establish a sense of place. 

All the while, an easy-going, confident tone of voice makes speaking about the ocean, technology and the wonders of the underwater world tangible and understandable. We wanted to represent the real connection between the oysters we eat and enjoy with their capability of bettering the planet as natural water filters and protectors of our shorelines by creating a voice and a visual connection that always speaks with simplicity. 

We’re proud to be creative partners with Running Tide, a brand that is helping to turn the tide on the health of our oceans. Learn more about Running Tide and see the brand identity at work on

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