Pearlfisher London has refreshed the brand identity and created a new, iconic design for Desperados, boldly capturing the festive personality, energy and distinctiveness of Heineken’s tequila-flavoured beer.

Desperados is a brand built around wild experimentation, celebrating exciting experiences and people who re-mix the rules. With a mission to shake up the market and inject fun and energy into the lager category, Pearlfisher London decided to move Desperados forward creatively by playing to a sense of the new and the unknown. The design vision breaks away from the conventional idea of a portfolio to create an unruly – but unifying – spirit of being in a tribe of friends for the 9 Desperados variants – a tribe that celebrates a collection of individual personalities with unique characteristics and held together by a single purpose of being unexpected and unpredictable.

The creation of a new brand mark connects and identifies the tribe with each flavour showcasing its own powerful and colourful design motif – representing the different and unique personality of each variant. The Desperados Original tequila-flavoured beer is named ‘The Initiator’ for its free-spirited, dynamic and adventurous personality. This is captured through a vivid green, red and yellow colourway and distinctive symbol that heroes the agave leaf.

The tribe mentality at the heart of the brand now reignites the party spirit-connecting the way the brand engages with partygoers to the way it packages its products – ensuring that there is a now a Desperados for every drinker, mood or event.

The beautiful visuals presented were created in collaboration between different talented artists and creatives for a Desperados campaign in France. Each visual brings to life the individual characters of the Desperados tribe and celebrates them in their own creative style. Image credits: Ad agency – Serviceplan France, Photography – Lucas Laurent, Artist – Whitney Bolin and Illustration & Motion Design – Jean-Baptiste Le Berre.