Do you ever find yourself lazily staring into the abyss of your kitchen cabinets, bored of the same old staples that you always seem to find? Thankfully, Andrea Hernandez, food and beverage curator, trend hunter, “snax” enthusiast, and founder of Snaxshot is on a mission to make your pantry more interesting.

Over the last two years, Andrea has built her online community by working closely with emerging challenger brands and uniting them with her diverse community, fondly known as “snaxbois”. In an effort to democratize the CPG landscape (which she often refers to as Community Packaged Goods), she’s created a space where other snax enthusiasts can engage in nuanced conversations about the most bold food and beverage claims and trends from around the world.

Whether long or short form, her varied and steady stream of content is a blend of news and entertainment. The Snaxshot Instagram account is a shrine to brand aesthetics. Monthly newsletters provide a glimpse of what the future of snacking looks like. Inside the community-driven Geneva group, snaxbois discuss their latest F&B obsessions and brands can join in on the conversation. Regardless of where you look, the Snaxshot community is a welcoming space where everyone can wholeheartedly unite over their favorite snax and challenger brands can stand apart from the crowd. 

Pearlfisher had the distinct pleasure of hosting Snaxshot’s 2nd birthday celebration at our New York studio in SoHo. Over 100 snaxbois joined us at the Pearlfisher x Snaxshot event to taste a bevy of pantry items supplied by challenger brands from around the world. We ate, we drank, we laughed, we cried. Not only did we see collabs and debuts, we also saw the invention of the challatini (move over butter board, there’s a new kid in town). Even though you had to be there to experience it, here’s a look at the event and the snax we sampled.