After cancelling its live 2020 conference due to the pandemic, beauty trade show Cosmoprof launched WeCosmoprof as a digital alternative for the global beauty community (June 4-10), featuring a series of webinars from the industry’s leading brands and experts. 

The virtual series included 30 webinars by the likes of Pantone, Mintel and WGSN. As part of this, Pearlfisher London, Futures & Insight, Partner, Sophie Maxwell, presented “Designing for a new era in beauty” which revealed the progressive brands leading a beauty evolution and shared impactful ideas to drive advancements after this period of global disruption.

Following the success of WeCosmoprof and interest about the insights that we’re shared, Pearlfisher was excited to host an exclusive return of Designing for a new era in beauty, as a first-ever Pearlfisher webinar. Engaging with a large audience of attendees from around the world, Sophie Maxwell presented and Elizabeth Eidshaug, Pearlfisher New York’s Strategic Development Director hosted and led a brilliant Q&A session at the end. 

Bringing to light what designing for a new era in beauty will look like for brands, the presentation explored how the beauty industry has shifted to become more mindful about authenticity, essentialism and protection when creating new products and services to enrich and excel the way we live. 

Sophie highlighted the brands challenging and innovating in the health, wellbeing and personal care industries and the importance of designing for a future with both practicality and desirably in mind. Overall, the webinar showcased the exciting brands pushing boundaries and the opportunities this sector presents in helping us to achieve happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives in the future. 

If you’re interested in hearing more and inspiring insights on the following themes:

  1. Digital stress
  2. Anxious societies
  3. Wholistic wellness
  4. Ingredient interrogation
  5. Resource rarity
  6. Fluid identities

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