Pearlfisher New York’s design for Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum has won Gold at the World Drinks Awards in the Design category.

The rum is Ron Santa Teresa’s flagship brand and their most premium offering. As part of a greater partnership, Pearlfisher New York rebranded and redesigned the spirit, creating a desirable design that honours the brand’s rich heritage and the special rum inside. Venezuela, the brands home country, is a country characterised by peaks and valleys, both literally and figuratively speaking. The new design is influenced by Venezuela taking cues from the detailed framework and architecture of the unique country. The bottle structure is reflective of the hacienda – the estate where the rum is made – creating a bespoke and uniquely own-able structure with a cross at the base. The resulting iconic design is proud and elegant.

The World Drinks Awards recognise the best in the spirits category each year. They host two separate award schemes – one honouring taste and one honouring design excellence.