We’re thrilled to announce that Seedlip has been shortlisted for a London International Award.

The first truly international award of its kind, the London International Award has continually evolved as the landscape of the industry has changed. Having originally honoured three media types – TV & Cinema, Print and Radio – it now recognises 19 unique media, including Social Influencers, The NEW, TV/Cinema/Online Film and Verbal Identity.

Seedlip is the first of its kind – a sophisticated non-alcoholic spirit looking to solve the problem of “what to drinkw hen you’re not drinking” in a market saturated with sugary soft drinks and alcoholic offerings. We brought this revolutionary new brand to life by combining process and ingredients in an illustrative way. The resulting design is infused with layers of discovery, ensuring the brand will be a coveted bar essential for both bartenders and adults who’d prefer a non-alcoholic option.