allplants, are now lighting up the freezers of Planet Organic as they enter the retail space with their debut new direction for the brand and our vibrant, energetic and breakthrough design, new visual identity system and 3D packaging structure.

The new design system dials up the brand’s great-tasting flavours and champions the brand’s mission to lead the future of food and an appetite for plant-based cuisine. An imperfectly, playful new typeface, with two differently shaped ‘a’ letters, nods to the diversity, pace and flavours of natural food with a recurrent leaf motif at the heart of the identity also inspiring the bespoke design of the brand’s new and fully recyclable packaging.

The abstract and graphic patterning system – creating impactful kaleidoscopes of colour – tessellates across all packaging and digital touch-points to create this new stand-out world of plant power from allplants.

Founder and CEO, Jonathan Petrides photographed with allplants in all its tasty glory!