Marc Anthony’s Magnus Media and one of Latin America’s biggest beverage companies, Beliv, recently formed an alliance called “We Beliv Magnus” to create OCA – a long lasting natural energy drink that’s healthy and delicious without the “crash and burn” that is prevalent in an overly-saturated energy drink category.

OCA, a plant-based beverage powered by an extract of the cassava root (tapioca) and flavors inspired by the Amazonian rainforest, is currently in stores with a vivacious brand world created by Pearlfisher.

The vibrant spirit of Brazil and the zesty richness of fruits from the Amazonian rainforest pop in a colorful burst of stunning hand-drawn fruit illustrations that form the brand name and allow the natural and tasty flavors of this refreshingly different drink to sing out: Tap into the root of the natural energy! In three great flavors: mango, berry acai and guava passionfruit.

Pearlfisher’s Creative Director, Matt Sia, said “In a category where new-to-world beverages are coming out every day, we had an opportunity to create something truly original. Rather than leveraging graphic language from an existing energy drink space, we wanted to tell a unique flavor story – one that heroes the ingredients special to the OCA brand. We chose to celebrate the ‘natural rhythm’ of the Brazilian culture, introducing the brand through colorful, flavor-driven illustrations native to the Amazon rainforest. Every detail was considered, from the base color of the design, rooted in cassava root, to the illustration of health benefits. ‘Tudo Bem’, Portuguese for ‘It’s all good’, references the quality of the ingredients as well as the carefree attitude that inspired this refreshingly light, authentic and delightful drink.”

From the brand positioning, design strategy and packaging to the copywriting and communication taglines, we undertook the creation of the visual identity, brand world and tone of voice, as detailed by Senior Designer, Alex Wagner, “The OCA brand name is snappy and evocative, but still prompts the main cassava root offer and ingredient as does the clean, beige background. Written vertically and formed from illustrations that boldly weave together the cassava plant and the Amazonian fruit flavors at the root of clean energy, the colorful letters of the identity pop against the background to make the rare flavors – and offer – stand out on shelf.

Alex continued, “Our tone of voice and creation of taglines, for the cans, advertising posters and merchandise, is intended to look and translate into a Brazilian state of mind – drawn directly from the confident, straightforward attitude and personality of Brazil and its people: from ‘Refreshingly light’ – lighthearted in spirit’ to the use of the colloquial Brazilian greeting of ‘Tudo Bem’ – It’s all good.”

Head of the alliance for We Beliv Magnus, Gabriela Ramirez said, “Pearlfisher perfectly understood and represented the attitude and vibe of the Latin culture that translates into an upscale brand and refreshing look. The design – and every aspect of the brand world and its communication – is an excellent mix of cassava root and fruit, of personality and place, of health and flavour, of discovery and new directions. We are excited to hit not only the US market, but also Europe and Asia with a consumer relevant and valuable natural energy proposition the way nature intended.”

OCA is available via e-commerce at and in the most demanding and strict retail stores in California such as Erewhon, Lazy Acres, Mother’s Martket and many other: it is also launched in Florida, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Alongside OCA, Pearlfisher has vast experience working on food and drink brand design projects. To find out more, get in touch today.