Abigail Mayes

Senior Client Manager

New York

I’ve been known to navigate Wikipedia rabbit holes to find the most interesting, albeit random, information. So it’s only fitting that I love to get to know everything about a person I’m working with or a project that I am working on. As a Senior Client Manager at Pearlfisher New York, a role that enables me to be an integral part of projects from beginning to end, I’m passionate about approaching our work and our relationships with enthusiasm. I believe we achieve success – in all aspects of our lives – if we enjoy what we’re doing. Making time throughout the day to pause, enjoy a moment with coworkers, or talk about something new that isn’t on the agenda are all really important to me.

What I bring to our work at Pearlfisher is a breadth of experience in branding that spans adaptive design, artwork and the pre-press process, and large-scale, multi-SKU rollouts. To date, one of the things I’m proudest of in my career is successfully onboarding a new, top-tier client at my first agency job ever. Along the way, I was able to demonstrate the unique value and creativity that a strategic design partner is capable of providing for brands.

When I’m not working, I am usually on a long walk, exploring New York City with an iced coffee, or watching my favorite sports teams. I’m always happy to talk about Major League Baseball and college football – especially the Atlanta Braves and Clemson Tigers.