David Ramskov

Digital Director


I am naturally curious and love to constantly learn and push myself, as well as bringing this learning and challenge to the team around me. This is particularly true when it comes to the game-changing creative and commercial opportunities afforded to brands through emergent technology.

I actually started my first digital agency after graduating high school but now I have over 15 years of experience in the creative industry, working across all disciplines.

As Digital Director, my role is to leverage the synergies between our diverse, creative areas of expertise to create meaningful, emotive and impactful integrated digital-physical identities, experiences and communications for brands.

It was an honour to be named in Berlingske’s annual list of top 100 business talents that recognises the accomplishments of young professionals. I like to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to everything I do, particularly when it comes to working with our clients to solve problems, create value and drive real change for their brands.

This has come to life with a number of the brands that I have worked with at Pearlfisher. A particular highlight has been the phenomenal growth of Lakrids by Bülow which we transformed from a local jewel to a global icon through brand design and which went on to win a Gold Design Effectiveness Award. Our work for B&O Play, which took the brand from a work of art to a piece of life and our closed-loop design system and visual storytelling for Love Ocean, which aims to educate children on the importance of protecting our ocean, have also been personal highlights.

Outside of work, spending time with my family and travelling are important to me – and the two frequently combine. Not many people know that I was a former Danish National basketball team member, Captain and Coach.

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