Lauren Vellek

Business Development Director

New York

In order to succeed in my role, it’s crucial that I understand the viewpoints, challenges and the needs of every stakeholder. Ultimately, that’s also what I love most about business development. Everyday, I am faced with opportunities that allow me to fuse my strategic, interpersonal and creative skill sets in order to advance internal and external brands.

My background is comprised of design, brand marketing and B2B commerce, which provides me with an acute understanding for the role of design and how branding can impact business decisions. For many years, I worked on the client side of the brand & agency dynamic. As a result, I’m able to build relationships keeping the best interest of both parties top-of-mind.

I have a knack for making friends wherever I go. But my dog, Oliver, is always added help. When I’m not in the studio, I frequent my favorite workout classes and enjoy trying one of the thousands of New York coffee shops.