Sophie Maxwell

Partner, Futures & Insight


With a degree in Fashion Marketing from Central St. Martins, I combine a fashion industry background with nearly 20 years working in the branding industry to inform and inspire brands about the power of change and what it can mean for them.

Future thinking means we futurists are ‘always on’ – and no form of media goes unturned without thinking about how it can inspire the bigger picture. Working across both the London and New York offices, I lead the team to bring together a picture of macro global insights, keeping our clients ahead of the curve and ready to lead the changes in their categories rather than follow them.

To truly understand change you have to be on its wavelength so for me, travel has become a way of life. As Picasso said ‘inspiration exists, but it has to find you working’ so wherever I am and wherever we are working, from Europe to the Americas, Jakarta to Beirut, I’m continually looking to paint our picture of the way the world will change.

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