Ambiguous, yet authentic. Meaningful and memorable. Creating a compelling brand name requires a multi-level view of your brand.

During quarantine our Senior Strategist, Molly Rowan Hamilton, has doubled-down on her brand naming know-how as her friends turn passion projects into businesses all their own. In a newly published article on Muse by Clio, Molly shared nine of her top tips to keep in mind while naming your new business idea or side-hustle.

“If there’s anyone who understands the weight of a name, it’s us. Chinese tampons, horse food, five-star hotels—you name it, we’ve named it. So, it’s no surprise that my friends are looking at me to help with what I like to call the icing on the cake—a brand name that can take their vision from idea to reality. 

To us, a brand name is a compelling story, reduced to its smallest, but most engaging form. It’s your first shortcut as a brand to help articulate who you are and what you believe in. Crafting one marks the holy grail of brand design. How to make it immediate yet still have a deeper meaning? How to get to the core of what you do, yet still leave it ambiguous enough to allow for brand development in the future? How to be clever enough to get through the toughest trademarking checks and make sure that you’ve got something unique (and something that you actually like)? The ultimate aim is to move from corporation to lifestyle and to transcend the category (e.g., Hoover or Google), where your name becomes synonymous with the product or service.” 

Read the full article written by Molly Rowan Hamilton over on Muse by Clio.