We live in an age of extremes where the idea that ‘young is good and old is bad’ has taken presidence. Our Western society encourages us to grow up fast then demands we aspire to stay young. The US Market for anti-ageing products will grow from $80 billion now to $114 + billion by 2015 (global industry analyst).

Despite this there is a shift taking place. A shift from seeing the aged as cast offs through depreciating eyes, to a realisation that we are all ageing, and will be living in a world of the older, the richer and the wiser. Brand Owners and marketeers are sitting up and taking notice (and if they’re not they should be). Brand design needs to challenge archetypes and generalisations as the distinctions in taste between young and old becomes increasingly irrelevant. This audience are savvy and they are demanding. They are confident in their tastes but simultaneously they are ever-evolving, learning and creating new values for themselves. Brands needs to show creativity and respect. They need to authentically engage and recognise needs. Importantly, brands need to inspire rather than alienate. So the question we need to ask is are we thinking about this lucrative and desirable demographic? Are we selling them short? We need to be designing brands, resources and experiences with them in mind. The design savvy boomers are coming of (new) age.