In the run up to the Pearlfisher Futures Connect Mode events in New York and London, we are posting three perspectives that highlight some of the key themes from our Connect Mode insight which explores how a truly connected brand world will look in the future. Our second perspective focuses on the increased importance we place on our online profiles and the new opportunity for brands to help us look good online.

In the past our relationships were built by fate and natural connections. Today we live in a world of speed and instant gratification driven by technology. As a result we are becoming increasingly transactional in the way we approach and engineer our personal relationships – both with each other and with ourselves. And, even though the debate rages on about whether or not we should be presenting a hyper-idealised version of ourselves, we are readily adapting to this new paradigm shift by seeking new ways to redefine and promote our online persona.

We are happily adopting the social media brands and networks that are allowing us to facilitate – and find fulfilment in – these relationships. Think Tinder for dating and Amazon (recently voted number 1 retailer by level of personalization) for e-commerce.

Authenticity, intimacy and mass personalization are already key drivers for brands as they actively celebrate the ‘role’ they play in our personal relationships – from Coca-Cola and the phenomenal Share-a-Coke campaign to popular experience brands like Airbnb.

So much of what we do and choose to buy into is filtered through our own self-awareness and our online persona provides us with a platform to showcase this. Exciting new initiatives such as Brand Yourself are just starting to surface and react to this new shift but the opportunity remains wide open.

There is an opportunity for the lifestyle brands we buy into to collaborate with us on ‘styling’ our online selves. The question is, how can brands use their power to help us positively express, experience and self-actualize our online-personas in the way we choose? How can the brands we choose to buy also help us look good online?

Pearlfisher Futures will present Connect Mode at two upcoming events in New York and London. Click here to find out more and book your place at these unmissable events.