Without change there is no future. Beyond being inspired, what brands, businesses and individuals really need to be ahead is the ability to realise and visualise what cultural change means for their future: by design.

By identifying and understanding macro cultural change, we can fully explore peoples’ (sometimes unconscious) needs and desires and open up new areas of opportunity.

Design has never had a more pivotal role as a progressive force for change and is the means to realise these new areas of opportunity. Great design can and does enrich our wider – and our future – consumer culture.

Trends, as indicators of change, are too often transient and intangible. We need to look beyond them to properly understand and immerse ourselves in change at a cultural level. This then presents an opportunity for us to interpret the change we see and bring it to life as powerful, tangible design concepts that illustrate what change will really mean – and could really look like – for brands, products, services and society in the future.

The best innovations and designs come from understanding a real deficit and providing an exciting solution that disrupts the way we think and changes the way we behave. The future is our opportunity to make things better, for everyone. But thinking this way takes both vision and bravery.

By understanding the power of design, we can embrace change made real, introduce the new and realise a successful future for us all.

Pearlfisher Futures will present ‘How do you design the future?’ as part of the 2014 London Design Festival at the V&A on 16th September. For more information, click here.

Sophie Maxwell, Pearlfisher Futures Director, and Dan Gladden, Pearlfisher Design Director, will show why understanding and embracing change is the key to creating future design that has real impact on our lives and in the world around us. Learn how to understand 4-key macro changes in our world and see how these changes have inspired inspirational brand designs that don’t yet exist! Please contact [email protected] for more information.