It’ll be a shame if Scotland says yes, and if they do good luck to them up there. Then the new UK will be free to reflect a truly multicultural society regardless of size, that is bursting with creativity, religious, ethnic and minority diversity, and which should be celebrated with joy and unity just like we celebrated the Olympics – a time that gave us the chance to design a new brand patriotism for the UK and gave us all the opportunity to truly focus on our heritage, loyalty and sense of identity – in both a cultural and creative context.

As much as we are now living in a global bazaar with a universal brand language, cultural difference and uniqueness is hugely significant.  An identity for today’s new Britain should be both dynamic and authoritative and give a positive and comprehensive message to ALL of its inhabitants.

I am very proud to be a citizen of a vibrant, colourful and creatively fused United Kingdom and I will raise a big glass of Scotch to that if we in fact, gain the freedom to express something new.

Originally published on Transform Magazine