There will be numerous conversations taking place today about the rebrand of Uber. But, regardless of whether you love the new identity or you hate it, I think the important thing to note, and applaud, is the way they did it and launched it to the world.

Uber – fast becoming the world’s most ubiquitous brand – has epitomised its uberness to truly become a living, breathing entity. Unlike many brands who spend years labouring over a new identity or brand design, rolling-out slowly across various markets, Uber has acted fast and evolved the narrative and dynamic of brand change by literally doing so, overnight. Just as the car seems to magically arrive simply minutes after requesting it, the new icon smoothly and seamlessly appeared on my phone this morning.

Their speed of delivery doesn’t discount the importance of the work that’s gone on behind the scenes before the big reveal was made public yesterday. The Uber team have clearly worked incredibly hard to evolve their identity and I’m sure they faced all the challenges that any brand change brings, but they did it their way and they acted on their own convictions. What is most exciting is the consideration they’ve given to just how we all experience that change, with perfect timing and delivery.

So, regardless of whether you like the new identity – the icon, the colours, the patterns, the different expressions for each market – and in all honesty it hasn’t creatively inspired me, Uber should be celebrated for changing the dynamic of brand change itself.  It’s a bold move that has perfectly brought to life what it is that makes the Uber experience so uber in the first place. Any ambitious brand should learn from it and I think we need to see more of it.