Our health and well-being has become our most valuable and sought after wealth. Increasingly high on the agenda of organisations both big and small, the wellness of our society is one of our most pivotal, complex and sensitive challenges. To help make sense of this challenge, on an on-going basis, we study shifts in how the new global consumer views the body. The Pearlfisher Futures Body Mode insight explores four macro cultural shifts affecting perceptions of the body and what this might mean for the future of health and wellness. In preparation for The Feast Conference, here we share core takeaways from these shifts to help us envision a future where we are living our healthiest lives.

Shift: Dictatorial to Free

We are moving away from media-dictated ideals, merging the boundaries of our race, gender, sexuality and age to create new ideals of beauty that are unique, distinctive and inimitable. This shift offers up opportunities for new movements, products, and initiatives that champion non-conformist beauty ideals.

Shift: Depreciating to Appreciating

Our changing perception of ageing means that we are challenging the old and tired archetypes and the distinction between young and old is becoming increasingly irrelevant. This is creating fantastic opportunities for new stories that re-envision the value and role of elders, making us see the elderly in a much more aspirational way.

Shift: Detachment to Unison

The importance of our mental wellbeing is increasingly included in discussions of overall health. We continue to move towards an integrated approach to wellness, championing a symbiosis between our minds and bodies. While many brands are innovating in the physical space, enterprises that work for the betterment of peace of mind and mental health are just as essential to an optimized collective future.

Shift: Perfect to Optimal

Now, more then ever, we are a generation learning to thrive; perceptions of what is achievable are undergoing a radical overhaul. With an increasingly positive and proactive approach and aim to push our bodies to levels we once never thought possible we are seeing change in what constitutes the ideal body, leading us closer to empowering life-changing solutions.

So how can social enterprises, innovative organizations and brands respond to this shift and drive change that helps us thrive? Join Pearlfisher Founder and CCO, Jonathan Ford, as he leads a roundtable around the Perfect to Optimal shift, Friday October 10th. Or visit Pearlfisher’s installation on site to explore the visionary concepts designed to help us be our personal best, and in doing so champion the message that we can all optimize our health, whatever our bodies’ capabilities.

Pearlfisher is partnering with The Feast Conference to inspire entrepreneurs and social thinkers through future-focused design to create the next movement for social good. To learn more, join Pearlfisher Founder and CCO, Jonathan Ford as he leads a roundtable Friday October 10th, or visit Pearlfisher’s installation for inspiration about what the future could mean for us all.

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Originally published by The Feast.