We are born with a body that is entirely unique to each and every one of us. It is the one thing that truly belongs to us.Our view of what our body should be has been completely shaped by a plethora of powerful, outside influences. Image-makers – among them the media, artists, designers and most recently – and powerfully – celebrities responsible for dictating and manipulating our body image into something that it’s not and never will be.
But now, we have new influences that question the idealized body. Infinite possibilities for reinvention and recreation available to all of us. New role models, new science, new technology and new wisdom. And, most importantly, a culture that is ready to evolve with it all. Pearlfisher Futures has just launched the Body Mode Report, the first in a highly anticipated series of Pearlfisher Futures Mode Reports. Futures is our way of helping our clients understand and manage change to build brands that will lead the way. Here, Futures Director Sophie Maxwell shares the top 3 cultural shifts we see steering the future of the Body:

1. Dictatorial to free

The change: Today we are moving away from stereotypes. Beauty is unique, distinctive, inimitable as we break out of the forms that constrict us.
The future: We are perfecting our own personalised ideas of beauty and products and brands must be designed to help reinforce this personal freedom.

2. Perfect to optimal

The change: Our health has never been at more of a premium. Despite increasing rates of illness in today’s society, we have never
been so educated or aware.
The Future: We will change our perception of illness with an increasingly positive and proactive approach. There is an opportunity
for health and wellness brands to embrace this as we look to optimise our bodies.

3. Detachment to unison

The change: In our intense and connected times we need to find ways of managing our busy minds so that we live more complete lives.
The future: We will desire a symbiotic relationship between mind and body and the challenge is for products, services and brands to be
designed to help promote this.