The Pearlfisher Futures team is hosting Cosmoprof North America’s first ever interactive experience July 13th – 15th. The Future Of The Body will allow participants to learn how to build desire and brand impact through understanding the big changes affecting our relationship with our bodies. One of the key themes the team will explore is how premiumization can elevate desire for beauty brands.

Premiumization has created the bridge between the desirability of the luxury world and the function and necessity of the mass market. But as more brands look to ‘premiumize’ their offers, the way to express this new focus on specialness needs to be more than just skin deep.

It’s not about just understanding what premiumization is – with its many different guises and tactics – but rather what premiumization means for your individual brand. And this is becoming increasingly dependent on drawing out the particular specialness inherent in a brand’s own equity.

So what should we consider when maximizing premiumization for brands? How can you create new visual languages and experiences that are rooted in your brand’s core truth but also bring new energy, excitement and impact?

Here are our top 5 considerations when looking to leverage the premiumization opportunity for brands:
1) Build desire – How can you use powerful creative thinking to drive real difference, through future design languages and spaces that build new expressions of desire?

2) Create new occasions – How can you add new meaning, value and occasions to your brand, in an authentic way?

3) Reach different audiences – How can you move away from clichéd expressions of luxury through imagination and originality which allows your brand to open itself up to new audiences?

4) Build long-term kudos – How can you stay true to the heart of your brand whilst finding new ways to build on and heighten its specialness?

5) Surprise us! – How can you create a moment of pure happiness and pleasure through ever more unique and individual future expressions?

If brands can develop a truly resonant understanding of what premiumization means for them they can use it masterfully to take their brand to a new level, communicating desire through unique and truly special new expressions.

The Future Of The Body exhibit will be open to all Cosmoprof attendees throughout the 3-day show in Las Vegas from 13-15 July.  Sophie Maxwell will be hosting 121 sessions with brands at Cosmoprof. Please contact [email protected] to reserve your private session.

In conjunction with Cosmoprof, Pearlfisher is offering 30% off the price of their Futures Body Mode Report. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

For more information about the conference, click here.