New design concept Vivo is inspired by the idea of creating a ‘living Will’ – a technology driven service using algorithms to collate and create a true assessment of our estates and optimise our personal legacy.

Today, with so much of our personal data and activity stored online, we have a digital shadow that is infinite and – sometimes hard to control – but we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance and value of our online information and its connection to our offline lives.

Vivo is an innovative technology driven service that takes both our online and off-line activity into account and uses algorithms to show what and who is most important in our lives.

These algorithms collate our data and digital files – from finance to blogs, pictures to music etc – while also calculating how (and with whom) we prioritise our time and showing us an accurate picture of our ‘life group’, and personal estates, so that we can ensure we optimise our legacies and leave them to those that mattered most to us.

As Design Director Dan Gladden, who created Vivo’s expression, says, “Vivo can make sure that my music collection is left to the running friend that I always swap files with, that money is left for my brother to make the West Coast of America drive he’s always dreamed of, and that others close to me get the other messages, material goods and elements of my digital shadow that are important and relevant to them –nema 11nema 11 STEPPER MOTOR driver and that I would want them to have.

It brings into question the future of the existing and finite Last Will & Testament by giving us the chance to constantly evolve our legacies while we are still alive. But, if we die before having the chance to make these choices, by signing up to the service and letting it decipher our actions, it has the ability to make them for us.

Data-driven concepts like Vivo could be a future – a near future – reality. Inspired by the rapid evolution of technology we can now start to imagine and design that future, creating new and inspiring visions like Vivo to illustrate just how it might impact on us – and how the individuals, brands and businesses will answer our future needs and shape our world.

Originally published on PSFK