Brand ideas defined by powerful strategy and strong futures insights inform everything we do in design.

Pearlfisher’s Realisation approach helps us find the most exciting and pertinent practical solutions, materials and industry advancements to inspire the creative process from the very outset. We transform bold ideas and distinctive brand expressions into the most tangible, meaningful and sustainable solutions that can live – and make a difference – in the real world. We understand that all of our clients have different needs and create bespoke solutions tailored to these challenges to help brands stay one step ahead of the competitive set, creating purposeful and desirable design. 

Our multiple areas of specialism include sustainability and material innovation, technical production, artwork, font and image licensing and print consultancy.

Sustainability & material innovation

By understanding changing culture and continually building our knowledge of cutting-edge materials and processes, we aim to change peoples behaviour through lighter, more circular solutions, that create greater differentiation and efficiency in costs.

Technical production

Constantly researching and engaging in new technologies and tools, from digital to structural, to effectively solve your problems and convert concepts and ideas into usable experiences and artwork that better meets user needs.


Producing print-ready artwork from design concept, to ensure your design maintains its integrity and impact with all elements technically consistent and accurate to a finished standard.

Font & image licensing

Ensuring compliance with copyright, trademarks and patents across all your typeface and image usage, as well as advising on the creation of bespoke typefaces to suit your specific requirements.

Print consultancy

Advising on how to take your print project from concept to completion by applying our knowledge to ensure optimum efficiency and value for money across all types of print projects.