Aloe, 2021 👋

Always pushing boundaries, inspiring us with new projects, and expanding our creativity; pushing ourselves to deliver your inspired ideas is truly what’s kept us fresh. 

And this year, we want to give you that freshness back. 

It’s the kind of freshness that we find in nature. 

The kind that adds positivity to your day, truly brightens up a room and alleviates the stress of our everyday.

It’s what inspires us to grow, keeps us centered and allows us to embrace change as it comes. 

We’re bringing a fresh perspective to this new year and we just need your details to make you part of this. 

Let’s plant a seed, and watch it grow. Together.


Aloe is a natural air filter. Grow your aloe in a central space for less toxins and purer air.


Mix aloe vera with lemon as a base for body scrubs and face masks to moisturize and clear skin.


Mix aloe in your favorite drink not just for added flavor, but smooth digestion and cleansing qualities, too.


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