How do you authentically tap into a subculture in order to celebrate the experienced cannabis consumer?

After one of the best nights of your life, all you want to do is replay it, relive it and RERUN it again. Based in LA, RERUN, is a cult cannabis brand offering high dosage with a rebellious streak.


With grit and graininess, RERUN embodies the rebelliousness in street culture. 'Consume responsibly, behave ridiculously’, evolved as RERUN’s tagline, and it unlocks a key tension or disconnection between cannabis culture and cannabis branding that has existed up until now. It’s not just a pithy, punchy soundbite, it’s a call to action.

Beginning with the bold and fully capitalized word mark, the brand’s character is revealed through details like the arrow that is formed in the negative space between the ‘E’ and the second ‘R’ – a symbol to nudge the night forward. Whereas, the reversal of the second ‘R’ acknowledges the nights we’d like to relive. The secondary icon represents the instigator of fun – a symbol of the friend who is dead-set on making the night memorable. This shorthand brandmark helps solidify RERUN’s “zero fucks” attitude and is created in a hand done quality intended to become a tag in street culture through graffiti and stickers.

The distinctive RERUN packaging is safe, responsible and pocketable. The outer metallic packs reveal an outline of the tin within while encouraging a bit of ridiculousness through the flavor names. Inside, the matte metal tins reflect the urban esthetic with an embossed brand icon and glossy word mark to build brand recognition. It’s no coincidence that the tins are made durably to endure whatever antics the night may bring while the mirror-like metallic packs match the reflective nature of reminiscing on the night before.

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To find out more about our work for RERUN or any of our other brands, get in touch.

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