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Where will the food of the future come from?

Food Reformations

As climate change, water scarcity and environmental concerns impact on our global food production, brands have the power to create the mainstream change we need to keep our growing world fed and watered.

In this month’s Futures feed - Food Reformations - we explore the innovations and technology behind where the food of the future will come from. We discuss how aesthetics and format will need to radically change, as we re-engineer resources and harness advanced and sustainable innovation. But, ultimately, our challenge is to make the food of the future both delicious and desirable. Notable newcomers in this space include Misfits, who are making juice products from the oddball produce that farmers can’t sell and The Wally Shop, a zero-waste food and lifestyle delivery service.

In this latest feed we explore five emerging themes of change, which are brought to life with key insights, best-in-class case study examples and opportunity areas for brands looking to capitalise on the emerging changes in this sector.

Five key themes of Change

1. Everyday Alternatives

Engaging people to buy sustainable and lightweight options as part of their everyday food regime

2. Harvested Waste

Re-using waste in looped systems to create a better food chain and legacy

3. Hyper-local Cultivation

Reconnecting consumers to hyper-local products and the origins of food source

4. Re-engineered Heritage

Using a less-is-more approach by nurturing seasonal and selective flavours in food

5. Smart Eco-systems

Embedding whole sustainable systemic solutions that benefit brands and their wider environments

What is the opportunity in this space?

- Help change consumer buying and consumption habits by making more sustainable alternatives accessible, visually engaging and desirable.

- Celebrate a new generation of food localism by thinking systemically and collaborating to imagine a future that benefits individuals, community and the planet.

- As the guidelines, recommendations and legislation of sustainability constantly evolve, brands need to be imaginative, innovative and creative when it comes to the systems they create and the way they tackle waste.

This is just a taste of what the full Futures feed – Food Reformations – has to offer. If you would like to access the full report or find out more, please get in touch below:


Image credits from top to bottom of the page: IKEA Space10; Misfits juice drinks; The Wally Shop grocery delivery service.

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