Freddie’s Flowers is a start-up flower delivery and e-commerce subscription service revolutionising the way people buy flowers and challenging the experience a subscription service offers.

We spoke to entrepreneurial Founder, Freddie Garland, about how a childhood spent in his parents’ London flower shop led to him using his expertise to create a highly original, beautifully curated and personal flower subscription service. Freddie explained his vision and the experience he wants the Freddie’s Flowers brand to fulfil, “The joy of a flower delivery is that it is a surprise each week. It feels really personal and you just can’t get that going into a shop – you feel like you’re part of something, you’re being creative.”

Freddie concluded by reiterating and emphasising the point that, even though we are living in a digital age and the business is activated by a digital platform, its growth and development is not focused on technical innovation but building on the success of the personal touch and human interaction, “We’re not that much of a technical business. So much of our focus is face-to-face and on our delivery bikes. The bikes are our biggest platform and really generate the highest proportion of our customers by a long way.”

Listen to the audio version of the interview here.