We spoke to Michael Strausholm, Founder of Sprout, about his vision for conquering our use and throwaway culture – one pencil at a time – as he explained, “The Sprout principle was illustrating what sustainability is all about. You use something for its original purpose, once you’re done, you plant it and you literally give it new life instead of just throwing it out.”

Michael went on to talk about how Sprout is fostering a second-life and sustainable vision for its own and other businesses as it commits to partnering with brands to help communicate their sustainability message and drive cross-category innovation with the creation of the first vegan make-up pencil –  “We have spent time with some of the biggest make-up pencil producers in the world to develop the right one. We feel we can help the cosmetic industry, go from almost sustainable to much more sustainable.”

And overall, Michael’s message to the brand and business community is to not let integrating sustainability overwhelm but rather, “Start somewhere by making just small choices. It’s the everyday choices. As long as we build on that, we will eventually be able to make this a better and more sustainable world.”

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