“I didn’t set out to be an organization or business but an ‘actionist’” says the Founder of 4Girls Glocal Leadership (4GGL), Jin In. Recently Pearlfisher’s Futures Analyst, Mariah Wright sat down with Jin to discuss how she’s set up and lead a glocal social change movement and why Jin is putting the spotlight on businesses and brands as the facilitators of real and meaningful change for more empowered lives and for a better – and more profitable – world.

Founder of 4Girls Glocal Leadership (4GGL), Jin In and Pearlfisher's Future Analyst, Mariah Wright

Jin is very clear about just what inspired her to get involved in girl’s issues which came down to what we, as a society, are not doing. Now, with 4GGL, she is on a mission to innovate for, and ignite, the next generation of change-makers by empowering and connecting girls across the globe to help them start making local change happen.


Jin’s wider vision for a better political, social and economic future is underpinned by what she sees as the one fundamental priority we need to address: human capital, “If girls were allowed to get just 12 years of education, fully, on this planet, we would be able to increase anywhere between $15 trillion to $30 trillion dollars – that’s with a T – into the economy.”

Founder of 4Girls Glocal Leadership (4GGL), Jin In and Pearlfisher's Future Analyst, Mariah Wright

Jin continued to discuss her ongoing campaigning and expertise in manifesting social change; focusing specifically on what she now sees as a ‘moral obligation’ for businesses – as our new respected pillars of authority – to lead the charge for radical innovation and create real change, “Because government’s not going to, the business sector is going to challenge and lead this movement worldwide.”



Jin was a proponent for the rights of girls, and giving girls a voice, long before the #MeToo movement took hold of our consciousness but she concurred with our thinking that to truly empower women and create positive and tangible change, the future of business, branding – and of our society – is not a gender-specific one but one that needs to play to the strengths of both sexes, “Diversity is good for business – and the innovation is in the untapped space. It isn’t just about marketing or creating products just for women or just for men. It needs to be this hybrid – that’s really where the innovation is.”

Jin is of the opinion that brands and businesses need to take a stand, not do what they have always done but look to their leaders to innovate to make a wider impact. Essentially, no brand or business today can afford to ignore the rise and influence of moral capitalism, of standing for something and having a real purpose and, as Jin explained, this is being driven by the highly influential Millennials, “This really is the most aware generation. They will spend more money if they know it’s fair trade. They won’t buy a certain brand if they know that they are horribly human rights offenders. If you say as a business, we are empowering young girls and women – and especially young women – around the world, who doesn’t want to buy your brand? So, it’s not about brand versus cause. It’s about brand and cause.”



Founder of 4Girls Glocal Leadership (4GGL), Jin In

Jin concluded our conversation by underlining that she is realistic about the fact that girls and young women in poor and war-torn countries can’t rebuild their countries, but that the personal legacy she wants to leave behind is helping these girls and young women become agents of change to create a better world. We believe that Jin can achieve anything she sets her mind to and she is an inspiration to us all – and particularly for the brands and businesses she wants to become the change-makers of our future society.