Shrink wrapped minds. Unpacking heavyweight brands

Founding Partner and CCO, Jonathan Ford, will join a line-up of industry experts at this year’s Pentawards Winning Mentality Conference in New York on 5th – 6th September. Jonathan will celebrate and outline a new design paradigm from Pearlfisher that not only looks at making things lighter, but creates design that is truly fit for purpose.

Jonathan will be highlighting the crucial role design has to play in reducing a brand’s environmental impact and why designers need to help brands embrace the opportunity this affords to create different and newly desirable brands that dial up that all-important packaging experience. Jonathan will also outline Pearlfisher’s new ‘Lightweighting’ design philosophy – that isn’t just about making things lighter – but design that is truly fit for purpose while creating more out of less to produce original, ownable and lightweight lifecycles for the packaging and products of the future.

Find out more about the Pentawards Winning Mentality Conference here.