Karen Welman, Founding Partner at Pearlfisher London, will be talking about how designers can tackle the issue of packaging waste on The Dieline Conference stage during HOW Design Live in May. Included below, is Karen’s full synopsis detailing the areas she will be covering during her talk.

How Designers Will Change The World

We hold our hands up. We are designers. We’ve designed the packaging waste. Now is the time for us to design it out. Tackling the issue of packaging waste – in all it’s forms – is our collective responsibility. Law makers will create change through discipline, scientists will do so through factual evidence. But the crucial role of designers lies in our ability to totally reimagine the possibilities, not being limited by what’s come before or the seemingly impossible and making that attractive, desirable, can’t live without – changing thinking and behaviour on a mass level by creating the sustainable world we want to see. 

Karen will discuss the responsibility of designers to unravel the intangibility of sustainability and help it be an essential part of what it means to be a progressive, relevant and attractive brand today.  She will present key actionable principles designers and brands can follow to design in a return to the source, extend the life and use of products and packaging and, ultimately, create reusable, longstanding products to last longer than a lifetime.

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