Last night, we opened up our New York studio to welcome Sofar Sounds along with 80 guests as first-time hosts for the curated concert series.

Sofar Sounds is a global community of thousands of artists, music lovers, hosts, travelers and more who appreciate the magic of a live event experience with no unwanted distractions. Sofar puts on hundreds of secret, intimate events per month, across 429 cities around the world.

Without having to worry about the hassles of large concert venues, Sofar selects unique spaces and creates an immersive experience where fans can discover new bands and artists with like-minded friends and strangers alike. Last night we found our seats on the pillow-covered floor and had the pleasure of hearing three diverse acts including:


2. Neffy

3. Baby Fuzz

To celebrate the evening and commemorate our inaugural role as Sofar hosts, we created a poster series that combines quintessential New York scenes and objects with circular shapes to mark the spontaneity and diversity of the concert series. We hope everyone who came enjoyed the artists and our studio. We’re looking forward to hosting another Sofar Sound event on our rooftop this summer – we hope to see you there!

Select photos provided by Nick Ellsworth.