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Digital Shelf

Dec 04, 2019

As the influence of digitally native Millennials and GenZ-ers increases, these consumers expect brands to become seamlessly integrated into their lives and create experiences that are immersive, intuitive and visually compelling.

In this month’s Futures feed - The Digital Shelf - we explore the changing world of e-commerce and what the digital retail landscape means for brands across a diverse set of touch-points including packaging, brand identity and interface design, as well as the hybrid between physical and digital brand experiences. Notable brands in this space include Chanel's Fifth Sense, which captures the intangibility of scent visible by showcasing an interactive online animated experience, and Knours skincare, which has been launched with an app that personalises products and regimen depending on the changing monitored needs of your skin.

In this latest feed, we explore five emerging themes of change which are brought to life with key insights, best in-class brand examples and opportunity areas for brands looking to capitalise on the emerging changes in this sector.

Four key themes of Change
1. Adapted packaging

Integrated personalisation and new levels of interaction are streamlining digital experiences within our physical touch-points

2. Flexing identities

Flexible and dynamic brand equities are ensuring a more expressive, adaptable and expressive online brand identity

3. Playful navigation

Serendipity is being elevated in online retail worlds by celebrating imagination, revelation and mind wandering

4. Live shopping

Services and experiences are being developed that offer instantaneous purchases and shopping ease

5. Sensorial spaces

New forms of digital storytelling are evoking a spectrum of senses, valuing scent, touch and taste to sell products

What is the opportunity in this space?

- Create new moments of serendipity by making spaces and platforms that showcase inspiring, unexpected and intimate ways to connect to digital consumers.

- Consider the increasingly dynamic world brands must now express themselves in and focus on creating flexible brand stories that can stretch across multiple touch-points.

- Explore how multi-sensorial elements can be incorporated into the digital world, creating more immersive, compelling and emotional brand experiences that better capture the product and the world it sits in.

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