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How is the cannabis industry's perception changing?

High Culture

As legislation evolves and the potential of cannabis becomes better recognised and understood on a global scale, the industry is undergoing a rapid change in perception. This momentum has transformed cannabis from a niche recreational subculture to a pivotal mass industry, with media and brands educating and de-stigmatising the use of the ingredient.

In this month’s Futures feed - High Culture - we explore the industry's growth and the influence it is having on areas of life as diverse as health and wellness, food, leisure, alcohol and nightlife. The feed presents four emerging themes of change which are brought to life by the key insights driving the evolution of the industry, the shifting visual codes of the category, best in class examples and the opportunities this fast changing category presents to brands across every sector.

Notable newcomers in this space include California’s Defonce cannabis-infused chocolate and the Dosist - the first cannabis vape pen.

Four key themes of Change

1. Recreational Cannabis

As we become more educated on the benefits of CBD, we’re seeing new brands break away from dated cliché category expressions by creating new occasions, formats and moments.

2. Food and Drink

Cannabis as a foodie ingredient is now being renewed with a premium aesthetic that is indulgent, refined and sophisticated.

3. Health and Wellness

Increasingly considered a positive source of healing, cannabis is being elevated as a solution that enables both physical and mental wellbeing and self-care.

4. Personal Care and Beauty

Recognised as a new ingredient innovation for beauty, brands are claiming a range of benefits, from replacing animal-based oils to enhancing the health of our skin and calming our minds.

What is the opportunity in this space?

- Rethink the clichés of the category by innovating and diversifying the ways in which products are perceived. Brands can create unexpected forms and formats that challenge and surprise consumers in the CBD market.

- Explore new services, experiences and environments that expand and diversify the horizons of cannabis – beyond just recreational – as consumers look to support physical, emotional and mental health with natural solutions.

- Develop new verbal and visual languages that take the next step into reducing the stigma of the category. Brands can own a language that moves away from current category talk that is a conflict between slang and impenetrable scientific terminology.

This is just a taste of what the full Futures feed – High Culture – has to offer. If you would like to access the full report or find out more, please get in touch below:


Image credits from top to bottom of the page: Herb Essentials; Monk Drinking Botanicals; Vybes.

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