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Why should brands embrace ethical design?

Radical Truths

Nearly two-thirds of consumers globally now ‘buy on belief’, meaning they will ‘choose, switch to, or boycott’ a brand based on its stand on societal issue (Source: Edelman’s 2018 Earned Brand Study). In light of this, consumers are increasingly engaging with the idea of moral capitalism, prioritizing truth and transparency, and looking to brands to truthfully represent their values and those of society.

In this month’s Futures Feed – Radical Truths – we delve into just how brands can reintroduce the truth and reimagine our democratic, social and economic systems to differentiate themselves and powerfully connect with their communities and consumers. The feed brings three areas of change to life by highlighting the key insights driving this new power shift, best-in-class examples and the opportunities this new paradigm can present to brands in every sector.

Three key themes of Change

1. Intrinsic Ethics

How can brands break free from the perpetuation of clichéd and generic campaigns and introduce refreshingly relatable ideas and initiatives that truly align with core values to serve communities and society.

2. New Belief Systems

With faith in governmental and hierarchical systems failing us and not seeming to reflect our values, how can brands answer peoples’ desires for purposeful change and new belief systems.

3. Projected Amendments

In the face of the idea that the system at large is the problem, how can designers and brands reimagine the entire system with blue-sky thinking.

What is the opportunity in this space?

- Reframe the truth, reform education and challenge broken systems by creating innovative platforms and designing bold interventions and solutions for residual problems.

- Create a new resurgence in belief, faith and congregation by offering new support systems and creating new hubs for congregation.

- Brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators need to create a new momentum to inspire people to take action themselves and also imagine new ways to design future ideas of democracy and ethics and solutions to bigger picture problems.

This is just a taste of what the full Futures feed – Radical Truths – has to offer. If you would like to access the full report or find out more, please get in touch below:


Image credits from top to bottom of the page: The Gun Violence History Book; The Truth is Worth It by New York Times and Everlane; Just Do It HQ at The Church by Nike, Chicago;

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