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Why design is now re-writing the brief

The future redesigned: Pearlfisher Design Themes 2022

The role of design is evolving in ways we could never have imagined, embracing and progressing a spectrum of cultural shifts across many sectors and industries.

Design has already impacted how we now view and interact with, everything from sustainability goals, to prioritising global wellbeing and progressing our human rights. But now, in 2022, as we head towards post-pandemic life with a renewed sense of purpose, freedom and positivity; design can truly rewrite the brief and champion the idea of a new order and view of the society and culture we live in.

This month’s Futures Feed Report – The Future Redesigned: Pearlfisher Design Themes 2022 – presents our annual review and prediction of the cultural shifts and design directions we see creating positive change and inspiring the future of creativity.

6 design themes propelling us into The Future Redesigned:

Six key themes of Change

1. Design In Dialogue

Create an open and ongoing dialogue with communication and information portrayed expressively and poetically in both digital and physical contexts.

2. Interactive Infrastructures

Reveal previously hidden systems and processes which become the inspiration and guiding principles for brand activation and aesthetic direction.

3. Crafting New Values

Reappraise artisan and crafted expressions to embrace intricacy, complexity, meaning and timelessness, to create the future with renewed purpose.

4. Commitment to Joy

Commit to a transformative universal purpose to bring magic to our mundane during a time of prolonged chaos and uncertainty.

5. Touching Pleasure Points

Re-engage impulses and desires, inducing joy, triggering excitement and stimulating our aesthetic pleasure points.

6. Sur/Real Horizons

Enable our desires to escape into new virtual horizons, as we see more elements of our real and surreal, physical and digital lives connect and fuse.

What is the opportunity in this space?

This is just a taste of what the full Futures feed – The future redesigned: Pearlfisher Design Themes 2022 – has to offer. If you would like to access the full report or find out more, please get in touch below:


Image 1: Letters to this New World by Financial Times encouraging public reflection on life before and after the pandemic. Image 2: Harry Style's brand, Pleasing. Image 3. Eroding and Reforming Digital Car by Daniel Arsham

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