Raising a glass (or a can!) to SERVED as Ellie Goulding acquires a significant ownership stake in the premium British hard seltzer brand created by Pearlfisher

Pearlfisher is excited and proud to announce that singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding has acquired a significant ownership stake in SERVED, the hard seltzer brand we created with brothers, Ryan and Dean Ginsberg. Ellie is also accompanied by creative ventures firm, And Rising, who has also invested in the brand.

Launched just a year ago, in June 2020, it’s testament to the quality of the product and the power of the brand that SERVED is already the UK’s leading sustainable hard seltzer brand and is now primed for its next, exciting phase of growth.

A refreshingly different offer in every sense, SERVED combines sparkling water and ‘wonky fruit’ to create a low ABV hard seltzer that is also plant-based, gluten-free and has zero sugar. 

A clean and conscious brand with a mission to not compromise on quality, taste or the health of the planet, it’s obvious how SERVED naturally aligns with Ellie’s personal passion for health, fitness and the environment and her role as global goodwill ambassador for the UN Environment programme. Ellie, “immediately fell in love with the brand – not only because it’s the best hard seltzer I’ve tasted by quite some margin, but also because this is a brand driven by care and respect for the natural world at this crucial point.” 

Nic Robson, Pearlfisher Partner, Growth & Development said, “SERVED’s taste and quality is a given but its strength as a fiercely principled and purposeful brand is what really stands out.”

From the most ecological packaging materials, to the clear cut identity and illustrations depicting drinking moments, design has been at the heart of bringing the dynamism and difference of SERVED to life.

Nic added, “Capturing the attention of such a high-profile name and campaigner as Ellie speaks for itself about the impact the brand is having on all levels and not just in its own fast-emerging category. Yes, it’s giving sociable but health-conscious consumers something really different to drink but, more than that, it’s driving – and delivering – on a wider purpose to inspire us to eat and drink better, commit to doing better for our environment while still enjoying social experiences. We are so unbelievably proud to have not just built such a powerful brand with Dean and Ryan but to see the tangible difference this is making as its success continues to accelerate.”

Visit www.serveddrinks.co.uk for more details