We’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day today by sharing an illustration we created for the design of a ready-to-drink can for the leading whiskey icon, Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Since 1780 Jameson has been producing its whiskey in Dublin and has always been closely linked with the city’s vibrant cultural scene, championing its music, literature, and art. Inspired by the brand’s link to contemporary Irish culture, we created a striking, street-art inspired illustration for the launch of Jameson’s RTD brand – an exciting mix of the iconic Irish whiskey coupled with the zingy taste combination of Ginger Ale & Lime.

Rooted in the spirit of togetherness, Jameson Whiskey is renowned for creating a visual world around its brand inspired by the people that connect over its drink, and the connections the brand makes globally from collaborating with different creatives and artists to commission bespoke artworks for its bottle designs.

To evoke a feeling of connection and to add character to the design, our illustration evokes movement by depicting the pouring of whiskey set against the Jameson barrels and bricks of its distillery walls. Crafted in the brand’s iconic green and cream colour palette, the illustration we’ve designed visually celebrates the joy of coming together and the connections made while enjoying Jameson Whiskey and the literal coming together of the RTD variant with its delicious combination of flavours.