In a design studio, current events, popular culture and holidays are bound to provoke inspiration. And for us #hashtag holidays in particular have unintentionally become an office favorite – driving company culture activities and campaigns for the fun of it. From National Pizza Day to International Women’s Day we’re always brewing up something.

To get the creative juices flowing in time for summer, Pearlfisher New York picked a refreshing and thirst quenching #hashtag holiday that was undoubtedly a studio favorite – #WorldGinDay on June 8th. To celebrate the holiday and the delicious spirit, we designed a collection of posters illustrating several historical gin anecdotes and lesser known facts.

Each poster is printed and displayed proudly in frames around the studio and our very own gin distiller, Associate Creative Director, Christian Bird, brewed a batch from scratch.

“Because the history of gin is so varied, everybody was able to discover a piece of the past that they were interested in re-telling in their own unique way,” Christian says. “This series for International Gin Day is serendipitous, because soon we’ll be revealing more about a new experiment of ours, called AMA-Lab, which is about pure creativity and exploration – it’s safe to say there will be many more spirits to try.”

Cheers to creativity and honoring Jun(e)iper 8th.