The UK’s largest sport and energy drink brand, Lucozade, is re-energising its offer with the launch of a new sub-brand, Lucozade Revive. With strong natural credentials, Revive is a range of refreshing, lightly sparkling and naturally fruity drinks, containing vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12 to help reduce tiredness and awaken the taste buds.

Since coming to market 93 years ago, Lucozade has consistently reinvented the landscape of energy to become today’s much-loved icon. With Revive set to re-energise the brand’s future, we combated the purchase barriers associated with the broader energy category and match the progressive formulation of this product with a design system that framed accessible daily wellness within the vibrant world of Lucozade.

Our design for Revive is bold, confident and fresh – making use of illustration and product transparency to cue the real fruit juice and natural flavours within the drink, for those looking for a naturally inspired uplift when they need it most throughout the day.