The results of the 2021 Dieline Awards have been revealed!

We’re so proud that our packaging design for E-Cloth, LoveMade & GRAB IT have all earned Second Place in this year’s awards.

Our redesign of the hand-held, chicken on a stick snacking brand, GRAB IT, illustrates its fun and convenient nature and is inspired by a vibrant and bustling street-food scene. Our approach to the redesign of LoveMade – a brand all about revolutionising the traditional baby food aisle – was to take babies taste buds seriously. We did this by helping to support babies motor skills during mealtimes, introducing engaging colours, textures and illustrations to the packaging design. Lastly, we put the ‘E’ back in E-Cloth for the redesign of this household cleaning icon – creating a distinctive range of packaging formats that give a bold and single-minded meaning to the letter ‘E’ – defining the brand’s qualities, easy, efficient, enduring and environmental. 

Dieline 2021 Winners:

– GRAB IT / Category: Fish, Meat, Poultry & Alternatives 
– E-CLOTH / Category: Household maintenance 
 LoveMade / Category: Baby & Kids

The Dieline Awards, known as a benchmark of impeccably designed consumer packaged goods, is one of the largest packaging design competitions in the world. With thousands of entries from 23 different countries, the awards continue to evolve and shape the design community, highlighting the impactful trends in the industry.

Discover Dieline’s 2021 winners on their instagram (@thedieline) or on their website, here.