Our design for CAFEPOD Coffee Company helps to bring London’s independent coffee culture to the supermarket shelf with a new look and feel inspired by the city and the modern experience of coffee.

Born in south London in 2011, CAFEPOD was founded by coffee lovers, united by the idea of making strong and exciting coffee for adventurous coffee drinkers. CAFEPOD always had an edge, but the love of independent, great quality coffee wasn’t coming through in the previous design or generating excitement in the world of coffee retail.

Pearlfisher Senior Strategist Ashleigh Steinhobel said, “A thriving coffee scene has undoubtedly perked up our capital, yet supermarket shoppers are faced with a wall of residual brands selling an old-fashioned idea of coffee that fails to speak to a new generation of clued-up coffee drinkers in their own language.”

Ashleigh continued, “Inspired by the mentality of ‘Living Sharper’, we repositioned CAFEPOD to embody the attitude, vibrancy and adaptability of London life. With edge and a strongly independent feel, our new design realises CAFEPOD’s ambition of helping inspire a generation of consumers who have grown up with coffee culture as a way of life.”

Pearlfisher Design Director, Sam Lachlan said, with a distinctive street-smart emblem inspired by a fox, simple and uncomplicated language and a seal of originality and quality in a new ‘London Crafted’ strapline, our redesign gives CAFEPOD a sense of focus and origin to make it newly desirable and exciting.

CAFEPOD is available online now here.