At Pearlfisher, we have a simple philosophy: We Design for Life.

28 years ago, our founders created a company whose idea was to design not only the unique and valuable but the most desirable. Their aim was to seek out the ideas that created the future, and in doing so create change for good and along the way build a reputation for creativity.

Pearlfisher has stayed true to this idea; and as a creative brand ourselves, we have evolved with the self-awareness and intuition to renew at the right time – to look at our brand in context of the world around us and best articulate what we do and how we do it.

This is why we recently launched Design for Life as the new expression of Pearlfisher.

What does it mean to Design for Life? It simply means designing for the lives we all want to live. Understanding how people’s needs and desires are changing, we create the solutions that will make our lives better.

At its core is our expertise in interpreting change in a world of constant flux. Thinking about the future, our focus is on 7 connected areas of fluid living – Our Life Modes: Community, Mobility, Body, Taste Luxury, Nature, Leisure.  

Built on a progressive, positive and forward-looking picture of life, it’s an exciting way to design – perfectly fit for the multidimensional nature of contemporary life – and it allows us to bring our creativity to all questions, solve all kinds of problems and take on any challenge.

But now, what does it mean to design for the lives we all want to live?

As we face a fundamental questioning of life as we know it, in the midst of a global pandemic that puts unprecedented pressures on all aspects of living, how do we now imagine a desirable picture of life and design for it?

As we suddenly reverse our trajectory from our future aspirations to our basic needs, how do we respond as designers?

And though we know change is the only constant in life, how do we work with this level of societal and cultural change, while so much about the future is still unknown?

In short, how do we design for the unexpected life?

This is the big question we are asking ourselves and where we would like to bring our contribution to the thinking and creativity that will be the catalyst for positive change during and beyond the crisis.

For the next few months, through the summer we will be sharing a series of perspectives, challenging each of our Life Modes to explore what designing for our lives means now, and in the future:

  • Design for Community in an isolated world.
  • Design for Mobility when movement stops.
  • Design for Body fighting for protection.
  • Design for Taste to feed primal needs.
  • Design for Nature as it resets around us.
  • Design for Leisure when there is no liberty.
  • Design for Luxury breaking out of necessity.

It is in the nature of life to be spontaneous – to renew and regenerate. And in times of extraordinary change, it is our role as designers to go back to the core to rethink, reimagine and reinvent our idea of life. Ultimately to adapt.

Look out for our series Design for Life in extraordinary times published every two weeks and discover our latest perspectives below: 

  1. Design for Community in an isolated world

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