In just the 3 years since launch, Seedlip has not only taken the drinks world by storm, with its category creating original proposition as the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, but it has also taken sovereignty in the increasingly hard to attain, but ultimately desirable, lifestyle space. How has it done this? By staying true to its values and purpose – not in the catch-all space of the lifestyle brand, but more uniquely thanks to its definition as a nature brand.

Seedlip’s success as an undisputed lifestyle leader – even if it doesn’t purport to be one – comes from its skill and vision in being able to create a product for the lives its consumers are living now, answering more than just the genuine deficit of what to drink when you are not drinking, by helping them meet their desires as they move into the future. Seedlip is embracing and driving the three significant areas of change that as part of our new Life Mode Report – we have identified as coming together to shape the future of lifestyle: optimising their consumers’ needs for personal progression, creating new communities and establishing a new and more meaningful legacy.

As expected milestones of both success and social acceptance start to disappear, consumers are more aware of an individual sense of progression and a desire for personal optimisation. Yes, Seedlip has created three original and non-alcoholic products that all offer new taste sensations and opportunities to be social and creative, but Seedlip has also established a desirable dry drinking culture and increasingly popular lifestyle choice. As we pursue a quest for personal health and wellbeing, Seedlip’s sugar-free, gluten-free, zero-calorie credentials coupled with its transparency, provenance, authenticity and hand-crafted nature have all helped the brand transcend being just a drinks product of choice by seamlessly educating, inspiring and integrating into so many different aspects and requirements of our lives.

Above all, every offer or interaction from Seedlip to date has been well considered and delightfully unpredictable, with a strikingly unique point of view, and this ticks another big box by mirroring the increasingly non-linear pattern of how we expect to live today.

The very nature of this increasingly global challenger means that it is not single-mindedly pursuing one route, but looking for ways to realise more novel, original and surprising brand directions and occasions to better reflect the increasingly diverse choices of its discerning audiences – and this perfectly taps into the second key change area influencing the future of lifestyle. As traditional communities are eroded, consumers are looking for both new collectives and re-framings of communal activities and spaces.

Seedlip recently united its consumers across all its markets for two nights with a global ‘no and low’ cocktail pop-up bar, called Nolo® – bringing together people with a desire for no and low alcohol drinking experiences, in 16 of the world’s best bars and across time zones in cities from Sydney to Stockholm. Each bar had the same dedicated Nolo® menu but the freedom to approach its own bar, in its own way, creating bespoke drinks for the specific tastes of its local audience. A first-of-a-kind event for a one-of-a-kind brand creatively experimenting, innovating and fostering a sense of passion and belonging across communities and cultures – and not forgetting continents – that shows the scope of just what is possible when you build an innate sense of connection.

 “There is just this underlying intuitive sense of a shared belief in what we’re doing – and in nature. It’s incredibly galvanising.“ Ben Branson, Founder of Seedlip

Seedlip is clearly and openly illustrating a new opportunity for all brands: how to own a relevant part of culture and extend their brand into immersive experiences for consumers that live long past that specific moment in time.

And it is this focus on providing dynamic and memorable moments in time – that is about being more than just a drink, a product or a brand – whilst also consciously considering the culture and ultimately the legacy that Seedlip wants to leave behind, that is accelerating the brand’s reputation and desirability. This underlines the third change area for our future lifestyles, which is about how brands exert a more ethical and influential stance for the good of the individual and our planet.

Seedlip is very clear about its vision. The brand is investing in building a laboratory and experimental plant nursery – not a distillery – with a new head of horticulture dedicated to exploring forgotten plants and new growing techniques to consciously preserve nature and culture and to feed the invention of non-alcoholic drinks – and beyond.

“We’re trying to build a category by leading a movement. That means, if we want to stay ahead, we have a responsibility to drive things forward with the utmost kind of care, quality and consideration of the category that we’re building and to really think that through in every aspect… we take that responsibility pretty seriously.” Ben Branson, founder of Seedlip

Seedlip is a progressive, expressive and adaptive brand, focused on its mission but very aware of the changing context of our world. With a balance of ease and aspiration, inspiration and education, Seedlip is driving deeply rooted cultural change, creatively infiltrating, influencing and helping its audience design for the lives they want to live by taking them into new and unchartered spaces. And with new brand, Æcorn Aperitifs, launching early 2019 dedicated to reinventing the aperitif tradition for a contemporary audience, Seedlip is yet again giving its consumers more than just a taste of what their future lifestyle has to offer.