Rounding out the American leg of the Life Mode global event series, November 09 saw Minneapolis play host to the Pearlfisher Futures team and two of today’s leading brand luminaries – Tamra Ryan from the Women’s Bean Project and Joe Newhouse from MATTER – to provide an exclusive Pearlfisher event, exploring the future of lifestyle branding, and specifically opening up the opportunity around “How brands can design the lives we want to live.”

Pearlfisher Futures Director, Sophie Maxwell, introduced the new Life Mode Report and its future-focused perspective that projects from the next five years to the mid-century and the meaningful roles brands can play as the change-makers of our future lives. The Report highlights 3 key and corresponding shifts that all brands can embrace if they wish to succeed in the highly desirable lifestyle space – Shift 1:Following to Becoming; Shift 2: Fixity to Fluidity and Shift 3: Consumer to Citizen.

Sophie set the scene by talking through the first shift – Following to Becoming – outlining how we are seeing a dissolution of society’s established and expected ‘milestones’ of success. She explained just how this is resulting in us seeking new brands, products and services to innovate around our individual aspiration to constantly progress and optimize every aspect of ourselves as we embrace an increasingly non-linear approach to life, citing brands and initiatives such as the Light phone – a phone away from a phone and specifically designed to be used as little as possible – and UA Healthbox – a connected fitness system taking a holistic view of individual health by seamlessly merging our digital and physical profiles.

Welcoming Tamra Ryan, CEO of the Women’s Bean Project, and Joe Newhouse, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at MATTER, to the stage, Sophie invited them to share their own inspirational brand stories and ideas for future-proofing their offers in the context of the next two shifts.

The second shift Fixity to Fluidity – explores how, as traditional sources of community are eroded, consumers are seeking new collectives to expand their worlds. Ultimately preferring access over ownership and the opportunities this presents for the future as we embrace and reframe communal activities and spaces.

At the Women’s Bean Project, CEO Tamra Ryan is driving the mission to change women’s lives by providing stepping-stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise. She explained the importance of building a community and the impact on the consumer, and their purchase, in knowing there is a named person behind their chosen product and how fostering this personal sense of a community that is making real change, will organically regenerate localities and lives as people become better, and more responsibly, connected.

We don’t want to have a transaction with our customers, we want to have an interaction with our customers.”

The Women’s Bean Project is a non-profit organization providing transitional employment to women who are chronically unemployed to help break the cycle of poverty.

The third shift – Consumer to Citizen – encourages us to rethink our actions as we pursue new sources of influence that can facilitate and provide fit for purpose – and desirable – solutions for our changing lives and our changing planet. Above all, addressing the need to harness a collective awareness of the need for change as we strive to leave a better legacy for generations to come.

Throughout his career as an innovator, entrepreneur, and brand storyteller, a passion for creating lasting change in the world has been a driving force for Joe Newhouse. Now as Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at MATTER, Joe’s role is to create design solutions to give people the chance to live a healthier life and he believes that creating a world where we all matter should now be driven by the influence and power brands and businesses now have. He explained that if your brand belief is truly authentic, people will latch on to it, share in it and pay it forward.

 “What people are really looking for is a sense of purpose and meaning in their life. That’s not unique but what is unique is that they are increasingly turning to brands to find that.”

MATTER is a non-profit organization, a movement of people who believe they have the power to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges with their own two hands, by distributing life-saving resources – primarily in healthcare and agriculture – to those who need them all around the globe.

Concluding the discussion and the event, Sophie left the audience with a taste of how they can create the change their consumer wants to see by presenting a new lifestyle model to show how brands can successfully design for our changing world by reframing the question from ‘how do we become a lifestyle brand?’ to ‘how do we design the lives we want live?

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